Maybe EURO-Determination Is Stronger Than We Think

It’s hard to find any encouraging signs pointing to a resolution of the Euro crisis in the news these days.  That’s why one thing stood out the other night in a reportage by Michael Portillo: everyone he interviewed in Greece or Germany chose to continue with the Euro and rejected the idea of a return to their former national currencies.  And this reportage coming from one of the staunchest Euro-sceptics.

In the BBC’s ‘This World: Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis’ which first aired on 9 May 2012, from the soup kitchens of Athens to former finance ministers to Porsche factory workers, the former UK Conservative Party politician and Cabinet Minister offers interviewees Drachma and/or Deutschmarks in place of their Euro – but to no avail in either Greece OR Germany.

Whilst this was a comprehensive hour-long presentation of the origins and current state of the Euro crisis, we’ve assembled a brief montage of just the bottom-line responses of the various individuals interviewed to Portillo’s repeated question and their reasoning.  In view of the recent election results and reporting on the current political environment in Europe seems to lean towards nationalism and anti-Euro rhetoric, the stated commitment of the ‘man in the street’ to the future of the Euro, both in Greece and in Germany, shows a determination not often reported today.  In fact the only negative response was from a banker who supports the Euro, but only without Greece!  With the enormity of the problems at hand, determination and willingness to do a tough slog by the man in the street in the Eurozone will be the only way out of this mess.  Maybe there’s more of this out there than we think.

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