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How To Invest In Cancer

NEXTECH INVEST – The first private equity fund advisor investing exclusively in oncology companies

In this episode, veteran road warrior Scott Arnell takes you out on the road to Nextech Invest biotech investors in Zurich to meet Alfred Scheidegger and his team of experienced biopharma executives who have a double-digit IRR track record in the Nextech II oncology fund, the world’s first private equity healthcare investment fund focused solely on investing equity in late-stage biotech cancer treatment development companies that are acquired by major pharmaceutical companies.

In this segment, Alfred explains how to successfully invest in cancer with an investment strategy that targets the underlying pharma market structure: 1) huge and growing (ageing) cancer therapeutics market demand, 2) inelastic price sensitivity for innovative cancer treatments, and 3) exit via trade sales to major pharma who must acquire R&D companies to fill their drug pipeline regardless of economic downturns or market volatility.   They invest in companies with management that has proven success in cancer drug development and patented technologies that are structured for acquisition by a major pharmaceutical company within three years.

Nextech Invest’s competitive advantage is their scientific advisory board comprised of six world renown oncology experts in cancer science, drug development and market intelligence who have an intimate knowledge of the competitive landscape in oncology, clinical-stage companies and cancer products.  They are all exclusive to Nextech Invest in private equity investment advising and provide a unique assessment of the commercial potential of oncology products, cancer treatments and companies developing oncology therapies.

The Nextech III biotech investment fund builds on the Nextech II oncology focused investment platform and was launched in April 2010.  To achieve investor transparency, the Nextech III oncology private equity fund is an onshore, closed-end Swiss Limited Partnership registered in Switzerland with FINMA.

Meet the rest of the team and find out why Alfred take 50 kicks to the stomach in Japan in our follow-on segment “Who is Alfred Scheidegger?”

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