Geneva Roadshow TV is the video web channel that parachutes investment analysts, asset managers, and professional investors face-to-face into the offices of investment fund managers and thought leaders that you will never see on CNN or CNBC.  Original video episode productions provide a not-too-boring blend of views and stories focusing on the post-crisis alternative investment world as well as a selection of related videos from the web and some purely not so tongue-in-cheek episodes that put certain international events into context.

Geneva Road Show TV is hosted by often-irreverant international businessman and entrepreneur, Scott Arnell, who introduces you to interesting personalities that he runs across in his globetrotting travels. After years of being bored-to-tears with never-ending days of dull investment presentations and stuffy conferences, he seeks to make unique investment fund managers with compelling stories easily accessible to investors in an entertaining and time efficient way.

The universe of issues and people highlighted on Geneva Road Show TV is inspired by the city of Geneva, Switzerland, a fusion of private banking, asset management, international business, and humanitarian and development institutions. Geneva Road Show TV captures the flavour of Geneva, Switzerland and takes off along the global highway.

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