China Private Equity: High Growth For Investors In China PE Funds

Despite all the rhetoric about China slowing down, +7% growth and the world’s largest emerging market can still deliver huge returns if you have local private equity market expertise. Management of the Beijing Capital Growth Fund give their outlook for the Chinese PE market, tell why local Chinese funds are eclipsing the large foreign funds such as Hony or Carlyle, and explain why 2013 presents great investment opportunities in China’s pre-IPO market. ***SUBTITLES: ‘CC’ -> ‘En’ | SOUS-TITRES « CC » -> « Fr » ***

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The Euro: What Went Wrong?

In the previous episode of Fast Forward, we looked at its birth and an overview of the Euro situation. Here, we speed you through what has happened since the launch of the Euro and the very differing behaviors and attitudes of the various players and how we’ve ended up in this never-ending Euro-Crisis – all in less than 5 minutes..

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China Private Equity Insider Paul Song is Bullish on China PE

Paul Song is the new Managing Partner at the Beijing Capital Growth Fund. He’s also the award-winning ex-Millennium Ark fund manager and private equity pioneer and he’s ALSO unfazed by China’s slower growth. He actually thinks that now is indeed the right time and a good opportunity to be launching the $100m private equity parallel fund. Nick Edwards of Reuters Financial Television finds out why.

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Why the Euro? From Concept to Currency

The ‘Endless Euro Crisis’ drags on with another inconclusive meeting in Rome, where Eurozone leaders vowed Friday to defend the Euro with ‘all means necessary’, but with absolutely no agreement on what ‘all means’ actually means. We thought it was a good time to reflect on why the Euro even exists and how it came into existence with a quick episode that speeds you through the history and background of the Euro in less than 5 minutes. Click ‘CC’ for captions. For full video transcript click on ‘Continue Reading’.

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China: It’s not about money – it’s license plates!

Take a top German lawyer who’s been practising for many years with an award-winning international Foreign Direct Investment consultancy in China and you get a unique and valuable take on the wherewithal of doing business in China from an international perspective. Richard Hoffmann of Dezan Shira in Beijing enlightens Scott Arnell of GenevaRoadShow.TV to such insights as to how money is less of a barrier to buying a car in Beijing than the lottery of securing a license plate.

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Maybe EURO-Determination Is Stronger Than We Think

It’s hard to find any encouraging signs pointing to a resolution of the Euro crisis in the news these days. That’s why one thing stood out the other night in a reportage by the BBC’s Michael Portillo: everyone he interviewed in Greece or Germany chose to continue with the Euro and rejected the idea of a return to their former national currencies. We’ve assembled a brief montage of the responses of the various individuals interviewed to Portillo’s repeated question and their reasoning.

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A CIVETS primer: Can they be the next BRIC?

A batch of six countries, Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa – now referred to as the ‘CIVETS’ – are being promoted by some as a block that will experience the same kind of dynamic growth during the next 10 years as experienced by the BRIC countries in the last decade. This is a brief CIVETS primer with basic pro and con commentary on the substance of the CIVETS concept by the Colombian Ambassador Mauricio Rodriguez and Wolfango Piccoli, a risk consultant at the Eurasia Group.

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Alfred Scheidegger has a double-digit annual IRR track record in the world’s first private equity biotech fund focused solely on investments in late-stage cancer treatment R&D companies that become acquisitions targets of major pharmaceutical companies.

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Meet the only Swiss investment fund manager with a black belt achieved at an exclusive karate club in Japan! Find out how he did it and meet the rest of the Nextech Oncology private equity fund investment team on a more personal level. This segment picks up from the previous Nextech Invest overview episode, “HOW TO INVEST IN CANCER”.

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BBC’s ‘This World: Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis’